Warm welcome to the upcoming
Pulse of Gaia Gathering!

🌷 For the blossoming flowers 🌷

Tuesday 21/5 18 CET 

Join us for this beautiful spring gathering!

Witnessing the magic of Mother Earth and honoring the process of the flowers blossoming 🌸

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The Invitation

This time we are meeting for the blossoming flowers!  ☀️🌷🌻🌺  The over arching theme is divine time.  

Flowers are a symbol of life. We will meet for all the souls that could not bloom in their lives in the last centuries on Earth, who could not follow their calling and were not able to blossom as they were meant to. Let us heal the sadness of the souls whom did not reach their potential, the lives that did not become the expression of the souls.

   For the hope for everyone to get this possibility in this life. For all the helpers and healers who guide their fellow humans back to the connection with their souls, so that they can become who they were always meant to be.  

We will meet for gentle unfolding and blossoming of a new time for humanity, a new time for all of us. Divine eternal time is vertical and in the intersection with measurable horizontal time is where the magic of creation happens. Where the cosmos meets the earth we gather, like ancient tribes have done in the past, to connect, to listen, to feel, to heal and to witness.

We will witness the Earth, witness creation and witness the flowers bloom 🌸  
 Let us sing a song of life together to help all beings on Earth blossom in their divine beauty. Let us make the Earth a lush meadow full of blooming flowers ☀️🌷🌻🌺

Warme welcome!

Donations for Pulse of Gaia

Pulse of Gaia is blossoming into a membership network and non-profit organization. We welcome donations to support the network in this new phase. Any donations are completely voluntary and have no impact on or connection to your participation in the gathering for the blossoming flowers.

You can soon become a member of Pulse of Gaia!
What is included in a membership? As a member of the Pulse of Gaia Network you will be able to partake in all meditations, gatherings, collaborative workshops and our new cozy loving online community space. You will also be able to join the Council of the heart as a board member and be involved in deciding to what cause we donate any yearly proceeds.